James H. Hayes

writing in Southwest Art Magazine

"The rooms Dorothy Cutter sees in her mind's eye and paints so brilliantly expand and open a new world."

"There's a sense of excitement in her paintings, a sense of anticipation, of vistas yet to unfold."

"For most of the past decade, Dorothy Cutter has been conducting an ever-growing group of collectors on a guided tour of the shapes, spaces, and subtle nuances of color in some thousand paintings of extraordinary rooms, each a product of her own imagination."

Georgina Challis

Article in American Artist

Dorothy Cutter's career in art has been extraordinary. After years of painting large abstract canvases, Cutter adopted a realistic style. Her sense of color became the link between the different media and styles."

John Badgley

"Unusual color vitality marks the
(Tolosa Gallery) recent works...utilizing mixed media
... her new works mark a successful
period of experimentation and search
for a valid statement ..."

Arne Nybak

"...has evolved from abstract
to a more involved realistic style..."

Edith Cook

...Her daughter Amy is a
frequent figure in the rich color, excitingly patterned and
textured shapes and strong contrasts of her paintings. Her
work is influenced by oriental art and wood block printing,
yet rendered in a modern and individual idiom with a
personally arrive at enameled Surface."

Truscha Zantman

"Dorothy Cutter's paintings
are excitingly shaped and patterned. Her colors--extremely
brilliant and rich--and her personally arrived at
method of mixing medias and glazing, give her work the illusion
of having an enameled surface."

Peggy Jean Clarke

"Bold in concept, rich in color, DC
work comes from an imagination as fertile as her own
verdant garden. She indulges her love of color in an uniquely
personal manner.
In a maze of pattern; constantly innovative, con
stantly surprizing, stripes join with intricate squares,
circles and diamonds, leading the eye from interior to interi
or. Often, against this mosaic of geometrics,
she combines line to define a flamboyant floral ar
rangement. Yet despite the chaos of pattern, these
rooms remain ordered, serene, and inviting."

Irene Lagorio

Dorothy Cutter's decorative
mixed media paintings also demonstrate a variety of influences
assimilated and re-issed with aesthetic integrity.
While Ms Cutter's brilliant cobining variety of pattern in
clothing, architectonic compositions beneath seemly decora
tive facades.'Small interior with checkered chair' for exam
ple reads beautifully as a solid abstraction. Almost totally
composed in dynamic diagonals and jazzy textures, the painting is
beautifully stabilized by the simple expedient of placing a
small red pillow form on the vibrantly patterned black-
white chair. By such an artful and knowing device, Ms C tied
background plane and thereby prevented the chair from flying
off the format..."